Adverts cost. is a social enterprise that runs itself and brings good to the community, your patronisation adds to the good in your society and can be considered charity.

We therefore only advertise beneficial businesses and causes while some are not accepted ( Alcohol and Tobacco, Gambling or betting adds are not accepted) Others can receive a large discount for being of benefit to society .

Thank you for your understanding please find the standard add prizes . 

Political and Public ads are welcome.

banner sizes

468x60 full banner header : Naira 120,000 , USD $330

Left/right sky scrapper 160x600: Naira 76 000, USD $209.

300x250 square sidebar : Naira 57,000 , USD 154 

for daily costs: Divide cost by 30 days.

full blaze promotion: $600 usd for a week for any ad on the whole webpage.

others contact us at


Social Media :  contact us 

payment preferably in USD

Thank you.