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  • Websites With Fulfulde/Pulaar

    Posted Jul 11 by General Marshal


    The following websites and blogs are online resources for Fulfulde /Pulaar and can serve as good sources for reading and writing in Fulfulde /Pulaar. Many websites and social networks in Fulfulde/Pulaar are disappearing Read More...

  • Fulfulde Ethnologue

    Posted Jun 28 by General Marshal


      Wiktionary's coverage of Fula terms ISO 639-1 code ff, ISO 639-3 code ful. It's a family of related languages. The individual ones are: Ethnologue entry for Western Niger Fulfulde, fuh Ethnologue entry Read More...

  • Lamibe Muri

    Posted December 30, 2018 by General Marshal


    A GLANCE AT LAMIBE MURI - This piece, A glance at Lamibe Muri, is deliberately intended to briefly educate the reader on the times and genealogy of the Hammaruwa Kingdom, known today as the Muri Emirate. The scope o Read More...

  • Ful6e Code of Conduct (Pulaaku) As Portrayed in Their Proverbs.

    Posted December 29, 2018 by General Marshal


     1.0 Introduction. Fulfulde is the language of the Ful6e (singular: Pullo) who live mostly in #WestAfrica. They are known in Hausa land as Fulani, in #Sierra Leone and the #Gambia as Fula and in #Sudan as #Fellata. Read More...

  • Dialects of fulfulde (Pulaar).

    Posted December 29, 2018 by General Marshal

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      About Pulaar :  Pular is in the Atlantic branch of the Niger- Congo language family. Other languages in the Atlantic branch are Wolof, Serer, Koñagi, Baga, Landuma, and Kissi. The Mandé branch Read More...