• Welcome to Mafindi.com the social learning and social enterprise Nexus. Information is power and the internet has aged but in Africa resources in African languages and Fulfulde are few so we started one to make it grow.

    Our aim is to create a community of learning, cooperation and progress with our meager resources and to compile and leave learning materials  for the future. Fulfulde is a lingua franca in Africa like Hausa, or Yoruba and a large number of people use it, for it not to disappear it must be brought to the future with those who speak it.

    Here we will make clear how to use Mafindi.com and make any relevant information available. Comments are open for questions.

    Generals logbook

    is a book log and information log, excuse the military terms but this site enforces strict discipline hence the use of military term. The blog contains information to the nexus members and any additional information we find useful, this is not a hate sight we do not slander or spread fake news, disinformation or lies. Generals Logbook is akin to shipwrights log or sailing logbook.

    Questions and Answers

    This webpage allows you to ask questions and get answers in our Q and A section. Its always important in sites that promote education. Senior members can also ask questions anonymously and answer anonymously.