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Word: Sollaare teppere 'burii nde poo'be.

Found 1 definitions.
  • The dust on the heels is better than the one on the buttocks.
    This proverb is saying that when you are on your feet it is the heels that become dusty; but if you are sitting down, it is the buttocks that become dusty.
    The message, therefore, is one must not be lazy, but be up and doing.
    • Where is it used? Country?City? NG
    • Dialect Gombe
    • Type Proverb
    • Source THE CONCEPT OF PULAAKU MIRRORED IN FULFULDE PROVERBS OF THE GOMBE DIALECT Rudolf Leger and Abubakar B. Mohammad Berichte des Sonderforschungsbereichs 268, Band 14, Frankfurt a.M. 2000: 299-306