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Apple News (iOS) is making it easier for people to keep track of election results with its Key Races section. The company will launch the feature at 8 p.m. on November 6.

Key Races will replace Apple News' Midterm Elections section in the app. Users can also find the feature where Apple News' Digest tab used to be, for even quicker access.

"The 2018 Midterm Elections section helps readers follow the latest on the elections with breaking news, exclusive highlights, and analysis from reliable sources selected by Apple News' team of experienced editors," Apple said in a blog post.

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The company is partnering with the Associated Press to get the real-time election results. Apple will use the data to show up-to-date information on the federal elections in every state, including House and Senate seats.

The results will update by the minute, but you can always hit refresh.

Apple will offer coverage from sources like the Washington Post, Fox News, Axios, and Politico. CBS News, CNN, and ABC will also run content.

Users can read through a selection of specialty reporting within Key Races, as well:

  • The Conversation is a collection of opinion columns about hot-button issues to show readers a wide range of ideas and debates.
  • On the Ground highlights issues that matter most to constituents.
  • The Washington Post's "Election Now" dashboard contextualizes data like polling numbers and survey data.
  • Politico's "Races to Watch" focuses on themes and trends that matter to voters.

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  1. Apple News is adding a Key Races section to its app for the 2018 Midterm Elections in the US.
  2. The section will collect news from various sources, offer specialty sections, and provide minute-to-minute updates on election results.

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