Privacy-focused Brave browser officially switches to Chromium

Brave, one of the most interesting and more privacy-focused web browsers on the market, has officially moved over to the Chromium browser engine after initially launching with Muon, its own own in-house engine. Maintaining its own browser codebase proved to be costly and time consuming, the company said.

In a blog post about the move in October, Brave (Windows and Mac) said the switch would mean its browser would work faster and sync better with a number of different... Read More »

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Firefox Review: Here's why you should switch to this free, secure, and hecka cool web browser

Web browsing is a fundamental part of life for the majority of the planet, so it stands to reason that a fast, safe, and reliable web browser sits at the foundation of our online experiences. Firefox Quantum for Windows and MacOS aims to provide exactly that.

Firefox can trace its lineage way back to the heady Netscape Navigator days of the late 90s. Back in 2003 a team at the Mozilla Foundation (a nonprofit group) decided to create a... Read More »

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Microsoft will officially rebuild Edge as a Chromium-compatible browser

Microsoft Edge is getting a major overhaul to help it work smoother and compete better, but the heavy work will occur under the hood. Microsoft has confirmed that it's replacing the proprietary EdgeHTML rendering engine adopted by its Windows 10 browser with the Chromium Blink engine used by Google Chrome.

In a new blog post, Microsoft Windows VP Joe Belfiore said that over the next year or so, Microsoft will transition Edge on the desktop to a... Read More »

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Google Chrome 71 launches with ability to block abusive ads

Google has been on a mission to better protect you from cyber threats by beefing up its popular Chrome browser. The latest version adds even more weapons to your arsenal.

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With this week's release of Chrome version 71, users will be shielded from all ads that come from websites caught serving up abusive experiences. The list of experiences considered abusive includes fake messages, unexpected click areas, misleading site behavior, phishing... Read More »

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Google Chrome 71 to block all ads on websites that serve up abusive ads

You click the close button for a popup ad on a website. Instead of disappearing, the popup triggers another page that doesn't quite look legitimate. We've all run into this and similar types of deceptive experiences on the Internet. Now, Google is trying to clamp down on the websites responsible for this behavior.

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Due to be released early December, Google Chrome version 71 will offer a setting... Read More »

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Two-factor authentication on Apple, Instagram, Amazon and others falls short, says new report

Knowing that your app accounts are secure and not just anyone can access them is a critical aspect of cybersecurity--and implementing two-factor authentication is an important step.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a way to confirm a user's identity by asking for two pieces of evidence. For example, combining a password with a security question, a code texted to your phone, or a 2FA app like Authy (Android, iOS), Google Authenticator (Android, iOS), or Microsoft Authenticator (Android,... Read More »

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Google adds personalized news feed to its mobile home page

You know that plain, stark layout you see when you go to Google's home page to run a search? Well, it's a bit more crowded now, at least on your mobile device, thanks to the inclusion of a customized news feed.

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Now rolling out to Google's home page for mobile devices, the Discover feed delivers a lineup of news stories underneath the familiar search field. By scrolling down, you can see the highlights... Read More »

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Microsoft yanks Windows 10 October 2018 update over deleted files glitch

Microsoft has put the kibosh on the latest update to Windows 10 after complaints from users that it deleted their personal files.

On its Windows 10 update history page, Microsoft said: "We have paused the rollout of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809) for all users as we investigate isolated reports of users missing some files after updating."

A Microsoft spokesperson told "We have paused the rollout of the update while we continue to investigate reports... Read More »

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Why Opera Touch is a good alternative to Safari browser on the iPhone

Other browser options can get lost in the shuffle with the popularity of Google and Apple. Yesterday, the web browser Opera launched their new browser Opera Touch for iOS. The revamped browser released in the spring.

The company said it's ready to challenge default mobile browsers.

On its blog, Opera claimed that 95 percent of iOS users stick with their device's default browser, Safari.

"We believe that the only thing Safari is currently really best at is at being the default... Read More »

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New 'Firefox Monitor' will alert you if your data or passwords are stolen

If you've ever wondered whether your email has been compromised in one of the many data breaches in the last decade, Mozilla now has an answer for you. Yesterday, it unveiled Firefox Monitor, a website that can give you detailed information about any of your accounts that may have been hacked.

"It can be hard to keep track of when your information has been stolen, so we're going to help by launching Firefox Monitor, a free service that notifies people... Read More »

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