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Whether on the local or national level, election season can be overwhelming. There's multiple candidates, stances, and issues to take into account before filling out your ballot. Depending on the website you search, you can hear different takes on candidates and that only serves to muddy your decisive waters.

BallotReady is possibly the best candidate round-up site available. Simply open the website on your mobile browser or desktop and enter your full address. The website puts together a conclusive, nonpartisan voter guide for your area.

You can view federal, state, local, and judicial candidates, and potential amendments to laws.

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Tapping Federal Candidates, for example, will display who's running for the House of Representatives. BallotReady even tells you what each office does, like the state Senate, House of Representatives, judges, county clerks, attorneys, and more.

Tapping a candidate brings up a profile. You can see a candidate's party affiliation, the office they're running for, links to their social media, their experience, and education.

BallotReady also displays which entities have endorsed a candidate. The site shows where a candidate stands on issues like education, the environment, taxes, and healthcare. Clicking on issue subhead will bring up a quote from the candidate, which links to where it was said.

The only downside is that local candidates tend to have less information on the website.

If you like the candidate, tap "add to my ballot." Instead of hastily Googling people hours before you go to your polling place, BallotReady will have your list ready to go. You can print a physical copy, email it to yourself, or simply pull up the website later.

The website also has an icon to find your polling place. Select how you'll be voting (in person or absentee ballot), and BallotReady will generate the address and a map of where you need to go.

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  1. BallotReady helps you create a voter guide for upcoming elections by showing you the candidates running based on your address.
  2. The site displays a candidate's experience, education, stance on important issues, and who's endorsed them.

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